The article "Impact of stoichiometry and disorder on the electronic structure of the PbBi2Te4−xSex topological insulator" has been published in the journal "PHYSICAL REVIEW B" with impact factor 3,836 (TR)
Dec 21, 2017 | 12:58 / Important events
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Detailed comparative theoretical and experimental study of electronic properties and spin structure was carried out for a series of Pb-based quaternary compounds PbBi2Te4−xSex. For all values of x, these compounds are theoretically predicted to be topological insulators, possessing at high Se content a remarkably large band gap and a Dirac point isolated from bulk states. Using spin- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, it was shown that the PbBi2Te2Se2 and PbBi2Te1.4Se2.6 compounds are characterized by well-defined spin-polarized topological surface state in the bulk gap. To define the probable distribution of atoms over the atomic sites for these samples, we performed ab initio calculations in ordered and disordered configurations of the unit cell.
We found that theoretical calculations better reproduce photoemission data when Te atoms are placed in the outermost layers of the septuple layer block.

"Impact of stoichiometry and disorder on the electronic structure of the PbBi2Te4xSex topological insulator" I. A. Shvets, Klimovskikh, Z. S. Aliev, M. B. Babanly, Sánchez-Barriga, M. Krivenkov,6 A. M. Shikin, and E. V. Chulkov. PHYSICAL REVIEW B 96, 235124 (2017)

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