Europe will partially prohibit disposable plastic since 2021
Apr 02, 2019 | 10:22 / Interesting information
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The European Parliament finally approved a bill banning certain types of disposable plastic in the EU: from 2021 plastic dishes, straws, cotton swabs and several other categories of disposable products will be banned in the EU. This is the agency AFP report.

According to European Parliament estimates plastic accounts for 80-85 percent of all garbage on European beaches, and more than half of such garbage are disposable plastic products. The total environmental damage from plastic pollution for the EU economy is estimated at between 25 and 695 million euros per year.

The ban on disposable plastic was first discussed at the European Parliament in October 2018. The ban should come into force in 2021.

Previously, they decided to abandon disposable plastic in the Chinese island province of Hainan: there, by 2020, packages and dishes from plastic will be decommissioned. Authorities intend to ban completely the sale and production of disposable products from non-degradable plastic by 2025.

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