I.Department “Complex processing of mineral raw material”

1Laboratory “Processing of iron and titanium ore raw material” 

2. Laboratory “Processing of non-ferrous mineral raw material” 

3. Laboratory “Analytical chemistry” 

II. Department “Inorganic functional materials”

1. Laboratory “Chalcogenides of transition elements” 

2. Laboratory “Synthesis of components of functional materials” 

3. Laboratory “Thermodynamics of functional inorganic substances” 

4. Laboratory “Composite coating materials and corrosion protection” 

5. Laboratory "Functional metal oxide-based materials".

III. Department “Coordination compounds”

1. Laboratory “Molecular magnetics and conductors” 

2. Laboratory “Metal organic compounds of transition metals” 

3. Laboratory “Complex compounds of rare metals” 

4. Laboratory “Metal-clathrate compounds” 

IV. Department “Coherent-synchronized oxidation reactions”

1. Laboratory “Modeling of monooxygenase reactions” 

2. Laboratory “Biomimetic sensors and oxidation with nitrogen 1-oxide” 

3. Laboratory “Synthesis of organic ligands for biomimetic catalysts”

4. Laboratory “Oxidation with hydrogen peroxide by nano-carbon catalysts” 

V. Department “Oxidation heterogeneous catalysis”

1. Laboratory “Zeolite catalysis” 

2. Laboratory “Ecological catalysis” 

3. Laboratory “Catalysts processing” 

VI. Department “Nano- and electrocatalysis”

1. Laboratory “Nano-composite catalysts” 

2. Laboratory “Nanostructured metal-polymer catalysts” 

3. Laboratory “Nano-catalysts based on metal-organic compounds” 

4. Laboratory “Nano-electrochemistry and electrocatalysis” 

5. Laboratory “Electrochemistry and electrocatalysis of rhenium alloys” 

VII. Department “Modeling and technology of chemical and ecological processes”

1. Laboratory “Modeling of chemical-technological processes” 

2. Laboratory “Physical-chemical technologies and their modeling” 

3. Laboratory “Processing of by-products of chemical industry” 

4. Laboratory “Disposal of toxic chemicals” 

5. Laboratory “Inorganic synthetic sorbents” 

6. Laboratory “Mineral sorbents” 

  Scientific-subsidiary divisions

  Department “Scientific-information and patent investigations”

  Department “Scientific publications”

  Department “International relations, grant projects and innovation

  Department "Education"

  Department "Physical-chemical analyses"

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